I see yoga through a many layered lens. I feel it's incorporated in nearly everything we do. One can look at it as a part of not only exercise, but also in things like breathing, spirituality, communication, relationships with self, others and the world as a whole.

"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks" ~John Muir
As a genuine lover of the outdoors, yoga and nature are intertwined in a wonderful spiritual realm for me. I have always felt that there was more there then meets the eye. I believe deep within our bodies we hold ancient connections to the earth, sea and sky. We only have to see, hear or be with them to understand ourselves. Look to the waves of the ocean to know your effortless strength and your undeniable way to change things with motion. Feel the softness of the breeze as it wraps around your body. The energy and fluidity it creates in the self is unquestionable. Grounded and rooted through the trees and mountains, we stand tall as we connect and reach.
All of this is here. Now. This form of movement is another way to tune into what your body already knows!
You may awaken these senses and be surprised to feel what opens, what shifts and what aligns.