I found yoga when I was 14 and looking for forms of exercise that I would enjoy more than physical education (ha!) and I never looked back. Yoga has complemented virtually everything that I've done physically and the tenets of yoga have played a role in all aspects of my life.
I have studied with many instructors and in many different styles of yoga, from hatha to ashtanga, from Forrest Yoga to Dharma Yoga and one basic thread they all hold is asana (postures or literally "to take a seat"). Each variation, each entry into and out of a pose, and subtle nuances of them has layered in a never-ending wealth of information for me to draw from to offer to my students. Through the wise guided teachings of the late Krishnamacharya to my present master teachers Tias & Surya Little, I continue my learning.
I am a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and Prajna Yoga (Tias & Surya Little). I have been teaching yoga for 20 years and have been trained and have taught classes and students for pre and post natal, scoliosis, parkinson's, baby and me, restorative, partner, completely new to yoga through advanced practitioners.